Raadi NGO and LLC Raadi Arendus were established by Tartu rural municipality in summer 2004 to develop the area of formal Raadi military airfield and to run other development projects of Tartu rural municipality.

Formal Raadi military airfield on the northern edge of Tartu city will be used as Raadi Industrial Park, which is beeing established with the help of  Raadi NGO and LLC Raadi Arendus.
Raadi Industrial Park is an environment for entrepreneuship equipped with attractive physical infrastructure:


- favourable location in the centre of a fast developing region;
- well thought planning;
- good opportunities to expand production territory;
- opportunities for usin the infrastructure of Tartu city;
- proximity to science and educational institution;
- availability of skilled work force;
- reasearch and development services.

Next to Raadi Industrial Park, on the area of formal military airfield there are several sports and cultural establishments planned as well as department stores to provide new leisure activities for local people.

Raadi NGO and LLC Raadi Arendus are welcoming enterpreneurs to Raadi Industrial Park, offering wide range of commercial real estate and supportive services.